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7 Outfit Tips for Your Engagement Session

7 Outfit Tips For Your Engagement Session

Congratulations – you’ve booked your photographer, and are now looking forward to your engagement photos!! Over the years, I’ve had SO many people ask me what they should wear, so I’ve put together a couple of ideas here. Here are 7 outfit tips or your engagement session so you look your absolute best 🙂

7 outfit tips for your engagement session so you look your bestEngagement Pictures Outfit Tip #1: Stick to what makes you feel YOU

The more comfortable you are with the style of outfit, the more comfortable you’ll feel and less awkward you’ll feel when posing in front of the camera. Stick with your “style” and what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.




7 outfit tips for your engagement session so you look your best

Outfit Tip #2: Complement, but don’t match

Stay away from matching your partner’s outfit and wearing patterns that are too busy. Keep the colors of outfits solid. Complementing each other’s outfits works out best for portraits. Also, pay attention to the color scheme. If you want to wear a nice blue dress, adding the same blue hue in one of your fiancé’s accessories can be a great way to keep a color scheme and complement his outfit instead of matching.




What to wear for your engagement session - complementOutfit Tip#3: Wear Pastels, cool colors, and neutral tones

Stay away from strong colors like neon and orange. Pastels, cool colors, and neutral tones will help your facial expressions and love for each other stand out in the portraits. If you want to add a pattern somewhere, that’s great too. Just try to steer clear of anything with a small pattern – that can be distracting in the image. Also, if you are going to wear a pattern, it’s a good idea for the other person to be wearing a solid color.





What to wear for your engagement session - details

Outfit Tip #4: Add an accessory

Adding at least one accessory to your outfit can look really gorgeous in portraits. This could be as simple as a cute scarf or a necklace. Make sure that it is something that is meaningful to you, and can then be put away in the car. You don’t want to have to carry it the whole session, and you definitely won’t want it to be the centerpiece for the whole session. Your engagement photos are about you, not Pinterest 😉



What to wear for your engagement session 3Outfit Tip #5: Stick with one or two outfits

It’s important to remember to keep the engagement session from turning into a fashion session. Having too many outfits can take time away from the time actually photographing because you’ll feel rushed and stressed to jump into different outfits. With one or two outfits you can be focused on the session to try out more locations and poses to best display your love and story with each other.






what to wear for your engagement session

Outfit Tip #6: Go classic, not trendy

Choose outfits that will be timeless! The last thing you want is to look back at an engagement session years from now and be upset that you’re wearing something that is no longer in style. Go with a classic outfit you are comfortable in that will never go out of style.






What to wear for an engagement session - make use of the seasonOutfit Tip #7: Make use of the season!

Not sure what to wear for a winter or fall session? Don’t be afraid to bundle up in style! Stylish winter and fall clothes and accessories can look amazing for your engagement session in the cold weather.





I hope this helps when you’re putting together your outfits for your engagement session. Don’t forget, this is about you having fun, getting to know your photographer, and above all, enjoy the company of the person you love.


August 16, 2020

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