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The Bayfront Club offers an all-inclusive wedding package that takes the worry and hassles out of planning your wedding day. The Bayfront club offers a full-service wedding day package that covers everything you would need to have an amazing day. From decorations to catering, your wedding planner will make sure that everything is exactly how you want it. The all-inclusive package includes personalization on every level. Table linens, china and tableware, floral arrangements, and décor are all included.

The Bayfront Club offers many options when it comes to the bar. You can elect to have a full open bar or to only serve a selection of iconic cocktails on your special day. Whatever you choose, they have you covered during cocktail hour, toasts, and the reception.

The Bayfront Club also offers a fully personalized catering menu so you can satiate any palate. Hundreds of menu options are available for before dinner service, dinner, dessert, and after dinner service. The Bayfront Club's catering allows you to choose your favorite dishes, even family recipes so that you can ensure that your guests are just as impressed with the meal as they are with the view.

Pricing at The Bayfront Club can vary by time of year and day of the week. The all-inclusive wedding package starts at around $99 per person. Rates will increase based on circumstances, additional menu items, and personalization requests. The Bayfront Club is a great value when you consider that the all-inclusive package takes care of all the details and will leave you and your guests with a night they will never forget.

Wedding Package

The Bayfront Club is located on the shores of Chesapeake Bay and offers some of the best waterfront views in all of Maryland. The club offers indoor and outdoor options for your ceremony and reception so you can be sure that your special day is perfect.

The Bayfront Club’s featured Ceremony location is newly renovated and offers gorgeous views of the bay. Your guests will gather on the shaded lawn to witness your vows. The backdrop of the bay is perfect for those "I do" photos. The reflection of the water will add a magical ambiance to your ceremony. 

After your ceremony concludes, your guests will retreat to the deck where they will partake in an extravagant cocktail hour. During this time, you and your wedding party will have complete access to The Bayfront Club’s lawn, shore, and dock to capture the picture-perfect moment.

You and your guests will then reconvene in The Bayfront Ballroom for a lavish dinner and a night of festivities. Its high ceilings and natural light make the ballroom feel open and airy so you can be sure that the feeling of the coast comes inside for your reception. The Ballroom can comfortably fit you and 300 guests for both the ceremony and the reception. 

The Bayfront Club also offers outdoor options for your reception. A reception tent can be added so that you and your guests can enjoy the grounds and the views of the bay well into the night. The Bayfront Club is available year-round, so it is important to plan based on the expected weather.

The Venue

Your special day should be filled with majesty and class. The Bayfront Club is a perfect waterfront wedding venue that offers the best backdrop of any location in the Baltimore, Maryland area. This elegant venue is sure to leave your guests impressed. Seaside views, gorgeous ballrooms, and unforgettable wedding day packages make The Bayfront Club an ideal location for any couple on their special day., and easily made it into my top wedding venues in Maryland.

The Bayfront Club