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The Cloisters is a historic building and requires the use of an approved caterer. The approved list of accompanies includes nine of the best caterers in the area and any one of them are sure to provide an amazing service to you and your guests. Every caterer on the approved list features a vast and customizable menu that will leave your guests impressed. They all include a bar, dessert, and additional options in their menu. Caterers are all insured and provide set up and tear down services.
Due to its ornate and historic décor, there is a strict list of regulations when it comes to decorating the castle and grounds. Minor additions are approved, and your Day-of staff will assist you in personalizing your venue during the set up of your special day.

Even though this venue is a literal castle, you do not need to be royalty to afford it. Prices shift based on the day of the week and time of the year. Fees range from $4000 on a weekday during the non-peak season to $7000 for a Saturday in a premium month. The castle is available on holidays, but the rates do increase. This price is extremely affordable when you consider that it grants you 10 hours of access to one of the most memorable wedding venues in all of Maryland.

Catering, Decorations, and Day-Of Operations

The Cloisters is a historic wedding venue in Lutherville that sits on a majestic 60 acres that are sure to bring you back to the best of medieval times. The castle is adorned with beautifully carved woods that will transport you to the European countryside. The windows are adorned with ornate stain glass that bathes the interior of the castle in a beautiful spectrum of colorful light. The wrought iron adds to the ambiance of the grounds and the medieval artwork that covers the walls makes this one of the most unique and unforgettable locations in all of Maryland.

The Cloisters Castle only hosts one event per day so you will have full access to the castle and grounds. You and your guests will have the opportunity to explore this architectural wonder for 10 hours including time for setting up and tear down. The Cloisters Castle can accommodate up to 150 of your closest friends and family to witness your special day.

Your fairy tale wedding can begin with a reception in one of the many great rooms or in the gardens that surround the castle. Welcome your guests with drinks and hor d'oeuvres as they bask in the storybook majesty of a literal castle. 

When it is time for your ceremony to begin, your guests will gather in the gardens to take their seats. The twinkling lights and natural ivy of the castle will serve as the perfect backdrop for your vows. Whether you choose to do a traditional wedding or play to the theme of the castle, the garden is sure to provide the perfect ambiance that you and your guests deserve on your special day. If you choose to have your ceremony indoors, there is a variety of rooms to choose from. All of which offer beautiful detail and atmosphere. 

After the vows are said and the rings have been exchanged, you and your guests will retreat into the castle to dance the (k)night away. The Cloisters Castle offers a variety of rooms of different sizes and atmospheres so you can ensure that your dinner and reception are exactly the way you've imagined it. The library is a perfect setting for any book-loving couple chasing a classic feel. The great hall features a fireplace and high ceilings that will add to the royal ambiance of your night. The Cloisters allows for complete choice so you can be sure wherever you choose to hold your reception will be exactly as you like it.

The Venue

Out of the many amazing wedding venues that surround Baltimore, none hold the magic of the countryside like the Cloisters Castle. The Cloisters is the perfect destination for your wedding day if you are looking to capture the feeling of countryside royalty. From the beautiful grounds to a breathtaking castle on the property, The Cloisters is one of the most royally impressive wedding venues in Maryland, and easily made it into my top wedding venues in Maryland.

Cloisters Castle