The Baltimore Museum of Art

If you are looking for a gorgeous wedding venue near the Baltimore, Maryland area, definitely check out The Baltimore Museum of Art. Boasting a number of different ceremony and reception locations to fit any guest list, the backdrop of historical art is something to behold. If you are still looking around, I have a list of top wedding venues in Baltimore, MD you need to check out!

A Grand Venue

Starting in 1914 with just a single painting, the Baltimore Museum of art has been collecting 19th century artwork for over 100 years. As you climb the front staircase and passed a massive Gothic columns out front, there is an elegance that has only intensified as you enter. Inside, the Baltimore museum of art totes historical, modern and contemporary art to serve as a backdrop for your beautiful wedding.

A backdrop for any guest list

Whether Guest list to be small or large, the Baltimore Museum of Art has a location to fit your needs. With three different locations, beautiful space will definitely not be an issue.

Fox Court

Just inside the main entrance, you enter a beautiful room with gorgeous lofted ceilings. Surrounded by neoclassical columns Fox Court is the Baltimore Museum of arts largest space, and can accommodate around 180 People form your reception and party, or up to 200 guests for dinner.

Antioch Court

The Antioch court at the Baltimore Museum of Art houses historical mosaics and sculptures from around the world, dating all the way back to the fifth century. Lit by massive picture windows, the Antioch Court is a wonderful space to be used by itself, or combined with the fox court for your cocktail hour prior to the reception.

Gertrude‘s Restaurant

Overlooking the Baltimore Museum of Art’s sculpture gardens, Gertrude’s restaurant is a beautiful location for smaller events, such as your rehearsal dinner, or an intimate affair


The Baltimore Museum of Art offers select discounts on their rental rates, provided that you are a member. Depending on what day of the week you are getting married, and which space it’s your need, rental fees start at $4500-$9000 per event.

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