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Sagamore Pendry Wedding Website

More Information:

Sagamore Pendry offers catering to all events hosted on-site and do not allow for any other caterers to work in the space. They also provide a full bar and will not allow third-party vendors. The catering service at Sagamore Pendry is customizable and offers some of the most exquisite dishes in the inner harbor. 

Sagamore Pendry is available for your wedding year-round. Prices vary based on time of year, day of the week, and the room that you choose to host your event in. Sagamore Pendry is on the upper end of rental fees, however, you can be sure that you are receiving a top-of-the-line venue that is unrivaled in majesty and elegance. When you consider the location and history of Sagamore Pendry, the value of the venue is unmatched in all of Maryland.

Rental, Catering, and Vendors

Sagamore Pendry is a boutique hotel located on the bay in the heart of Baltimore. Surrounded by water on three sides, Sagamore Pendry offers a uniquely elegant experience. The hotel itself was built just after the turn of the century and the interior and exterior architecture offer a peek into Baltimore's storied past. With a variety of rooms of different sizes and designs, Sagamore Pendry is sure to have a location that is perfect for your special day.

For smaller more intimate events, Sagamore Pendry offers the Price and Parsons rooms. These rooms can accommodate around 30-60 guests and offer breathtaking views of both the bay and Baltimore. Both rooms offer a balcony that is sure to be the favorite spot of the evening. These rooms offer a more modern design and are perfect for a small and personal reception. 

If you are looking to host your wedding outdoors, Sagamore Pendry has a couple of options that are sure to impress. The Courtyard is a modern semi-enclosed space that offers the best of indoors and outdoors. Skylights cover the majority of the ceiling giving your guests a beautiful view of the Baltimore sky. Built-in fireplaces add an elegant touch to this space. You and up to 275 of your closest family and friends can dance the night away under the stars in the courtyard. The Pool Deck is another option if you wanted to host your event under the summer sun. up to 400 guests can celebrate you and your love poolside. Sip cocktails in numerous private cabanas and drink in the view of the harbor as you dance under the open sky.

The Sagamore Ballroom is the crown jewel of the hotel and offers the most majestic and traditional venue at Sagamore Pendry. The ballroom has been recently refurbished so that it maintains its historic charm while providing plenty of modern amenities to you and your guests. The pillared walls and vaulted ceilings only add to the room’s majesty. Tall arched windows and a centrally placed skylight fill the room with natural light. You and up to 400 guests can enjoy a night on the harbor in this classic ballroom. The elegance and timeless décor will leave your guests with a memorable evening they will not soon forget.

The Venue

Sagamore Pendry Baltimore is a historic hotel that exudes elegance. If you are looking for a wedding venue in the Baltimore, Maryland area, Sagamore Pendry is unmatched in majestic charm. Located right on the bay in the heart of Downtown Baltimore, Sagamore Pendry provides timeless spaces for your special day that are unrivaled throughout the city. Sagamore Pendry will have you feeling like royalty and your guests feeling like you just put on the best wedding of the entire decade. If you are still looking around, I have a list of the best wedding venues in Maryland you need to check out!

Sagamore Pendry