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The Waterfowl Pavilion offers a simpler location that is closer to the zoo exhibits. This pavilion is flexible can accommodate anywhere from 50 to 5000 guests. This exquisitely landscaped space features a pavilion for covering and an expansive lawn area that can accommodate all of your guests. This location is ideal if you want your guests to have easy access to the animal exhibits.

Due to the nature of the pavilion, this venue is only available from April through October. If you choose to rent the space and purchase reduced-price tickets for the zoo, you can expect to pay around $1195 for space. If you would like to rent the space without the tickets, you can expect to pay around $1600 for the pavilion and surrounding grounds. The rental fee includes four hours of event time and picnic table seating for your guests.

The Maryland Zoo does not provide a catering service or decorations for any of their venues, so you will have to provide your own from the plethora of wonderful vendors in the Baltimore area.

Waterfowl Lake Pavilion 

The Lakeside Pavilion is a more rustic event space that overlooks Boat Lake inside the zoo grounds. Your ceremony can take place right on the shore of the waters. The lake and surrounding flora offer a majestic backdrop for any ceremony. In addition to a breathtaking ceremony space, the Lakeside Pavilion also offers a covered space that is ideal for a summertime reception. You and up to 200 of your guests can enjoy a beautiful evening of dancing lakeside.

Due to the nature of the venue, The Lakeside Pavilion is only available from April through October. If you are looking to only rent the Lakeside Pavilion $2200 will get you four hours of event time any day of the week. If you are renting the pavilion in addition to the Mansion House, a fee of $1200 an hour will be added to the cost of the initial rental. Additional hours at The Lakeside Pavilion can be added for $650 per hour. The rental fees do not include tables and chairs.

The Lakeside Pavilion

The premier location at the Maryland zoo is the Mansion House. This historic mansion overlooks beautifully sprawling treed areas that surround the zoo. The interior of the mansion house is magnificent with white walls and gold detailing. Featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, the main room offers a pool of sunlight that will fill the space with a magical ambiance. The chandeliers add to the room's glow and can be adjusted to your lighting preferences. The Steps of the Mansion House are the ideal location for the perfect wedding party photos. The Mansion House is perfect for both your ceremony and reception as it accommodates up to 250 guests.

 Rates for The Mansion House fluctuate throughout the year based on season and day of the week. Holidays can alter rates as well. Depending on the day of the week and the season of the year, you can expect a rate of around $2600-$3800 for four hours of event time. The fee includes chairs and tables, security, and zoo staff. Additional hours can be added to your event time for 25% of your rental fee.

The Mansion House

The Maryland Zoo offers three unique locations that are perfect for your special day. With both indoor and outdoor options, The Maryland Zoo has a location that will fit your plan. 

The Venues

If you want your wedding day to be a wild time that your guests won’t soon forget, host it at the Maryland Zoo. Wildlife from around the world will join your guest list and your friends and family will be treated to one of the most memorable evenings of their lives. Who else can say that a penguin was in attendance? There are very few wedding venues in the Baltimore area that are more unique and exciting than the Maryland Zoo. If you are still looking around, I have a list of the best wedding venues in Maryland you need to check out!

The Maryland Zoo