Finally, one of the most important aspects of planning your wedding are the other vendors involved. While The Elkridge Furnace Inn provides you with bar service, catering, cake, furnishings, linens, etc., having the right vendors to work with can make or break your wedding day. Ask about our preferred list of DJ's, florists, live bands, and others who would help make your dream wedding day a reality. 

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The base cost for hiring the Manor House for the ceremony is $850 plus $1800 for a phenominal coordinator. Similarly, the base cost for hiring the Garden House for the ceremony is $350 plus $1000 for the coordination. The exact cost of renting the facilities for your reception varies based on the time of year, but ranges between $2000-$5000. 

Additionally, the per-person costs for the big day are an average of $165 per guest. This is inclusive of all fees as well as: the house bar, staff, cake, furnishings, linens, china, glassware, silverware, planning and catering. 

Pricing and Packages

The Garden House, on the other hand, provides the white wonderland wedding for a modest number of up to 70 guests. The tent is a permanent fixture for this reception venue meaning the flooring, chandeliers and pre-warmed location is always ready and waiting for a stress-free party. 

The Manor House has the capacity to host up to 240 guests, making it the prime option for many out there with family trees branching into many directions. The interior amazes with black marble mantels, original 17th century flooring and double-leaf doors. 

The Garden House

Their main house holds their historical and honored Manor House. However, their newest addition features the Garden House; a tent providing space for flourished family gatherings on the big day.

The Manor House

Ceremony and Reception Venues

The Elkridge Furnace Inn is home to a reception venue of unending character. From the fields of green carrying out into the horizon and the stunning 17th century architecture that stands strong to this day. 

However, there are some notable features you could look to for inspiration for your wedding day photo album.

For example: being close to the Patapsco River, it features natural and calm running water nearby. The river, which can be seen through the second and third floor windows can be graciously heard when the nuptials are taking place on the custom-built garden pergola. All while saying yes under the breeze of the sycamore giants.


After 210 years of life in Maryland, The Elkridge Furnace Inn carries the stunning historic value from its origins as a worker’s dwelling after iron ore was found in the 1700’s flowing through the nearby Patapsco River.

Today, the Inn is owned by the in-house chefs while remaining the same elegant and stylish complex. With the original Federal-era windows to frame each room and a classic porch entrance to greet each new guest, the venue provides tasteful quality and beauty as a location to encase memories and venture on new beginnings.


With over twelve acres of green land centered with a pergola, growing trees and passionate life on state park property, it boasts a world of adventure to be had. With the wedding day enabling unique and ceremonious captures while the entire wedding party enjoy the serene atmosphere sipping on a glass of champagne in one of the two reception venues. 

The Elkridge Furnace Inn is a stunning venue if you are thinking of having your wedding in a historic Maryland manor house. Dating back to 1810, they have a dedicated team for weddings whose role is to ensure memories made throughout the big day remain for all the right reasons. Boasting two different locations just outside of Baltimore, the Elkridge Furnace Inn is a perfect wedding and reception location. Check out my list of the top wedding venues in Maryland to be inspired by more places to have your wedding reception or ceremony.

The Elkridge Furnace Inn

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