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The Pricing at The Evergreen Museum and Library can vary greatly based on the day of the week and the specific areas you choose to rent out. Rental prices range from $1600 for The Carriage House on a weekday to $12000 for a full Garden Tent Party. The Terrace, Gardens, and Carriage House can be secured for around $7000 for a Saturday. When you consider the storybook setting that Evergreen offers, the price is worth it if you are looking for a truly magical wedding venue that can be personalized to your every fanciful whim.

The Pricing

To go along with the full customization of this venue, Evergreen works with five exclusive caterers so that you can create the perfect menu for your guests. Each caterer boasts delicious options and a fully personalized menu that you can craft however you like. Options for served and stationary hor devours are available. Choose between a buffet style or a plated dinner. Cake service and a champagne toast are available as well. Whichever exclusive caterer you choose, you are sure to have a memorable meal.

Your caterer is also responsible for stocking your bar at the Evergreen. Each of the exclusive caterers provides fully customizable bar menus so you can choose your favorite liquors, beers, and wines. Signature cocktails are also available if you want to create a fun and personalized cocktail for your guests.

The Catering

The Carriage House is a beautiful storybook venue that is sure to bring magic to any wedding day. Copper brick walls add warmth to the room that is only enhanced by the floor to ceiling windows that let the natural light pour in. Twinkling lights add to the classic whimsy of this space. A reception here will feel like a garden party straight from a children's story.

The tented patio adds an outdoor dimension to the Carriage House. The patio gives your guests a great opportunity to soak in the historic garden between dinner and dancing. The Carriage House is perfect whether you choose to use it for cocktails, dinner, or your reception.

The indoor and outdoor options at Evergreen allow for a fully customizable experience. Use one or both to create the perfect venue for your wedding day. Both the indoor and outdoor venues are perfect for intimate gatherings or larger celebrations. The space can accommodate a guest list of between 50 and 170 of your closest friends and family.

The garden at the Evergreen is a beautifully landscaped space. Reminiscent of the royal gardens scattered across Europe, the Evergreen garden provides a story-book backdrop for your ceremony. The garden is a nationally registered historic site and the landscape has been maintained since its inception. The large stone fountain is the focal point of the garden and the bubbling water provides a calm symphony that goes perfectly with your vows. The beautiful greenery and wildflowers add to the elegance of a ceremony in the garden.

The Carriage House

The venues at Evergreen are like a blank canvas. They are completely customizable, so they cater to your needs. The planning staff at the Evergreen help you plan a unique wedding that ensures your day is personalized. Both their indoor and outdoor spaces can be crafted to your needs so you can showcase your love perfectly. 

The Evergreen Garden

The Venues

The Evergreen Museum and Library provides a charming wedding venue for your special day. Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Evergreen Museum and Library provides a quaint wedding venue that is perfect for a personal and intimate event. Part of Johns Hopkins’ Library system, Evergreen features timeless venues both indoors and outdoors that are completely customizable so you can be sure that your special day is exactly how you’ve dreamt it up. If you are still looking around, I have a list of top wedding venues in Maryland you need to check out!

Evergreen Museum and Library