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In addition to the locations, each venue comes with tables and chairs necessary to accommodate all your guests. Security guards are offered on-site for larger weddings so you can be sure no unwanted guests arrive. The Plaza does not offer catering can so you'll have to find your own. The Plaza does feature event specialists that can help you personalize your experience and find the best option for your special day. Each wedding package comes with a 2-hour rehearsal spot that can be used two months before the date of the wedding. 

Renting the venues the 1840s Plaza can vary in price due to the day of the week and which rooms you choose as part of your package. A single level rental of the 1840s cabaret, City Lites, or ballroom will range anywhere from $3000 to $9000. If you are looking for a two-level experience the Caberet and City Lites will range between $4000 and $7500. If you choose the premier package with all three levels and the courtyard access, will range anywhere from $9000 to $15000.

Packages and Pricing

If you're looking to accommodate more guests and want to open up space, you can combine the cabaret and City Lites into one venue. This two-leveled experience allows your guests to travel the grand staircase and choose the backdrop to the most memorable night of the year. 

If you are really looking to wow your guests, the 1840s ballroom is for you. This space is located on the 4th floor and offers amazing views of downtown Baltimore. If you're looking for a dramatic and memorable backdrop to your wedding, there is nothing more beautiful than the sweeping views of the historic Jonestown neighborhood. Spectacular chandeliers hanging from the high ceilings making this ballroom fit for true Maryland royalty. 

If making a statement is what you are looking to do, The Premier package is the ultimate wedding at the Plaza. With this package, you gain access to all three venues for an amazing night to remember. Hold your ceremony in the spectacular 1840s City Lites. Enjoy cocktails in the warm and inviting 1840s cabaret. Entertain and dance the night away in the 1840s ballroom. With the Premier package, you don't have to choose. The premier package also comes with a set of rooms so you and your wedding party can stay overnight and enjoy the magnificent breakfast that the Plaza offers. 

The 1840s City Lites is on the second floor of the plaza and features eye-catching décor that makes the room sparkle. This venue is designed in the image of the city of Baltimore and the city lights shine through. The arching windows provide plenty of natural light during the day and Breathtaking views of the city at night. Elegant draperies line high ceilings and a chandelier adds to the room's sparkle. 

City Lites

The 1840s Cabaret is perfect if you're looking for a more intimate setting. Latin inspired decor Covers the room and makes for a warm and inviting atmosphere. The iconic red walls and high ceilings create a unique atmosphere for your reception. Intricate chandeliers spread a wash of warm light through the room.


All venues at the Plaza offer a touch of the outdoors in the city. Carefully landscaped courtyard gardens welcome your guests really set the tone for the evening. The Plaza offers three separate venues that can be reserved individually or as a whole so that you can experience a multi-level wedding that will accommodate all of your needs. 

The Venues

The 1840’s plaza is a breathtaking wedding venue located in historic downtown Baltimore. The historic Jonestown neighborhood provides a timeless feel for this venue. The Plaza offers 2 levels of venues that are sure to impress your guests and give you all the space you need. The Plaza features gorgeous venues in private courtyards that will make your wedding more than a simple event. The option to hold your wedding on a single floor or both floors ensures that you will have the perfect venue to accommodate your guests.
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1840s plaza